Monday, October 2, 2017

Overcoming Ritual Tragedy and Saving Humanity

the ritual murders in Las Vegas are about the elite trying to manipulate energies. the blood sacrifice and donations are to mentally abuse the public so that the elite can feed their Saturn worship, Dark Arts with our vigils, memorials, ceremonies. the more depressing the better to cast the spell against us.

there are energies to rejuvenate and revitalize this planet, but they are tied to this ritual. humanity can change the course back to a positive path but we have to use knowledge. we need to realize that our intentions, our convictions can steer our timeline back where it is supposed to be. 

we have to stop feeding the elite's Dark Arts ritual through our mental intentions. we should send positive vibrations, love to the families. we cannot allow fear, anger, aggression, or hate to filter into our emotions when we think or feel about the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

we must let go of the media's control of us. we must allow the USA and Russia to form a friendship. Russia did not harm us during the elections. that is a media and Deep State lie. read Wikileaks to see that Russia meddling in our elections is a falsehood by fact.

if we can realign the Allies, then we can defeat the Globalists.

the elite do not want reality to interfere with their illusion of delusion. we need to take back our political offices, including the POTUS. love or hate Trump, he is our best chance to make friends and revitalize old alliances. so ignore the media's attacks on him.

the media only reports to divide you from others. stop listening and watching the news if you cannot separate fact from fiction.

the people who are attacking Trump and digging up politicians to be against Trump are the same exact people who just murdered 59+ and injured over 500. so why are we supporting them with our energy and labor?

it's time to shift away from political theater and get back to rejuvenating this planet with good intentions. Mother Earth needs our help. Humanity needs our help.

there are no racial divides. there is no gun violence. there is nothing but the elite pulling our strings. time to change our focus.

End the fear. End the hate. End the terror in our hearts. Use positive emotions only. That will conquer this blood ritual.

You want to help people, save the planet, and end tyranny?

We can do that.

It is time we did.

Focus on the positive and we can save ourselves.

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