Monday, September 25, 2017

Take a Knee: Psychological Behavioral Conditioning

We live in a mirrored world. 

What we believe is the opposite of what that action actually is. Sounds farfetched but look at the current headlines to see the distortion of our reality. 

We are told stand up, kneel, sit down... how dare you be or not be patriotic. Look to the deeper issues to see why the gatekeepers of information want to manipulate you to or fro. 

There are several issues afoot with the Patriotic situation. We have Nationalism versus Globalism. We have new versus old. We have conservative versus liberal. We have right versus wrong. We have freedom and rights versus opinion and emotion. 

Don't forget the old standby: racist! 

So what do we do? Yell louder than the other person in order to be heard? Or maybe we just put away the ego and dig deeper into the Matrix of Mirrored Reality. Just like follow the money, let us follow the reflection.

The reflection we are looking for is ourselves. How are we being pushed and pulled? How does the media and other corporate entities seek to manipulate us? Divide us? 

We are responsible for how we react or respond to situations. The best way to remove corporate sponsorship of this crisis creation for management of the People is to simply look in the mirror at our own reflection. Without our consent to react emotionally, the puppetmasters have no one to puppeteer. 

Withdraw your consent. Do not fund corporations, politicians, or media that promote such practices. 

We are not without power, but we need to do so without ego. Are you patriotic? Good for you. Are you not patriotic? Good for you too!

Freedom and rights are best when exercised in a respectful and meaningful fashion. If you are kneeling in front of live television, then you just want attention. People have the right to support or not support such behaviors. 

We need to get back to respecting everyone's rights. You have the right to be unpatriotic. You have the right to be a racist. You have the right to simply walk away.

Freedoms and rights are about supporting the bad with the good. We have gotten off the track to fight among ourselves for the pleasure of corporate and political delusion, profits, and collusion. Let's get off the train at the next station and begin again. 

As long as you do not impede another person's life, goals, freedoms or rights, live the way you want to live. 

At the end of the day, we are not supposed to be in other people's business; we are supposed to be living our own hopes and dreams. 

So dream about getting us back to being humans and not puppets. 

How are you going to change your reflection to rise above the conditioning? 

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