It is not the destination that is important; it is the journey.

I am on a journey toward a destiny. One I have fulfilled to a degree, but I am always striving to achieve that goal. 

Until now, I have experienced the unexplainable from the paranormal to the transformational. I have been to the depths of the Underworld and felt the edges of Amenti. Now comes the difficult part: living with the knowledge that it is not my time to pass beyond the veil.

I know what is out there now. I know who is there as well. I am not alone, yet separated from my peers.

So I exist here awaiting on destiny to present another opportunity for me to serve in my capacity as a spiritual knight, shaman, and ascended master of this new archetypal roundtable.

I am your guide and these are my stories...

Welcome to The Di-'Stor-Zhen.

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