Thursday, September 13, 2018

4500 year old Shaman Burial Found; Her Bones Embued with Tattoos

"It is surprising that the procedure of decorating the bones had to be done after death and the process of body decomposition. This is clearly indicated by the location of the decoration on the bone surface and the way dye was applied," ┼╗urkiewicz said.

No other bones have been found from this time period that have been treated this way, that we know of, across all of Europe. There have been similar discoveries - but those have been interpreted as the remnants of tattoos, so this find is thought to be unique.

The Guide's Analysis:  The woman was their spiritual leader, Shaman. In order to keep her safe in the other realms, her people marked her bones with ceremonial rites of passage. On the other side, she protects her people and leads them away from danger.

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