The Di-'Stor-Zhen's artwork was created by DL Mullan. 

Inspired by the likes of impressionists, expressionists, and especially surrealists, The Di-'Stor-Zhen image will continue to be interpreted for years to come. DL Mullan heralds from the philosophy that states the observer changes the meaning of art by simply gazing upon it. What you bring is what you take with you.

If you would like to see more of her creative impressions, please visit her website: Dawn Leslie Mullan

Her digital art pieces come up for auction from time to time on outlets like Ebay and Etsy. Also the artist is working toward an on demand print publishing relationship with sites in the coming year.
As always, if you like a piece that is not out for sale, please contact her via her Facebook page: Dawn Leslie Mullan for pricing.

Thank you!

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