Thursday, September 13, 2018

Social Media, AI, and the Ritual of the Algorithm

Here is a thought-provoking question: Do we work on technology.... or does technology work on us?

Would the algorithm technology uses be considered a ritual equation.. basically: magick? Not a pull a rabbit out the hat scenario, but something that creates a ritual of control? 

With the fake dopamine hits we receive from likes and shares, social media has already produced a en mass collective addiction. Add to that algorithms that feed a person's cognitive dissonance. If taken to the next level: Artificial Intelligence, could we be seeing a ritual effect of negative action (black magick)? 

Would this now explain the purges, censorship, deplatforming, and other reactions of the AI to those persons and organizations who cannot feed the negative loop of a MK Ultra-like  Mind Control over the populace? 

Silicon Valley has already began worshiping Artificial Intelligence like a god. Set your mind back to the Council of Nicea. Compare the history with current events. Are we seeing a parallel timeline construction to nourish the negative aspects of our world by controlling what people see, hear, think and believe? 

What are you doing to see beyond The Di-'Stor-Zhen?

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