Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Positive Energy Cycle

So many people need our financial support these days. GoFundMe and similar fundraising accounts are the ways in which people ask for assistance. From medical bills to funerals, the human race has been put in a box of needs over wants.

When people are in need, some see those issues as a negative outcome of that persons own doing. In this day and age of over-burdened, over-taxed, and over-regulated, the negative results have been crafted by the elites of our society. People's circumstances have become the effect of the negative causation. 

What can we do as a society? 

First stop blaming the victim of circumstances. The changes we as voters need to implement is to remove establishment and elite politicians, monopolies, and mafia gangsters out of our political, economic, and regulatory systems. 

Until such time as all of humanity wakes up to the collusion among these entities, we need to focus on creating positive action with the downtrodden in our society: disabled, ill, elderly, and others. 

Why? You ask...

Positive action cancels out negative action. The negative outcomes we see can be alleviated by helping others help themselves. Then we as a society can begin to counter the cause of these needs with a new paradigm in our elected and administrative offices. 

Most people ignore the needs of others and convince themselves that people are irresponsible, when in fact most people are very responsible. That is why these people are asking for assistance. It is not a handout if the person is actually creating a resolution and not more need.

That is the difference.

Positive action creates hope. Hope makes people feel love, acceptance, reassurance, and stability. Those emotions filter into the greater collective consciousness creating even more goodwill. As members of a larger contingent should not express goodwill once a year, we need to feel that emotion all year long. 

Forget the corporate donation bins and give to your neighbor. Help a neighbor out with their yard or project. Give to someone's fundraiser.  

You are creators... so go out and create! Goodwill. Hope. Positive Action. 

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Positive Action can change the world.

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