Clarity Astrology Readings

You have never had a reading like this one. Planets and signs are taken into account along with the degrees to define in what ways your chart shows your Mental, Physical, and Spiritual needs.

What would you like to discover about yourself? 

Clarity Readings are all about getting to the heart of the matter. Let your birth chart guide you on your path to self-discovery.

Clarity Readings are manually created and emailed to you. You will never find another reading exactly like yours (unless you are astrological twins). All Clarity Readings are personal and specific to the individual's birth chart.

So please make a donation of:
General Reading - $25

Want something more specific? Try one of our other readings for a donation: .
Career Reading- $35
Love Reading - $35
Health Reading - $35

Aren't you curious to see what aspects you should be focused on in your life? Astrology is more than planets and transits; astrology is about you and your journey.

Order one, or all, of these readings today!

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Customer Reviews:  

"That was pretty spot on! I want to disagree but I can't..." NZ 

*All readings are nonrefundable. 

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