The AEIOU of Positive Action

The five elements of Spiritual Alchemy.can be summed up in the vowel recitation: AEIOU.
  • Action
  • Energy
  • Intention
  • Observation
  • Understanding
Understanding is knowledge, emotion, and where discernment is derived. Without the ability to think for ourselves, learn and grow, we are unable to fathom the depths of this reality from quantum particles to spiritual energy to the physical realm.

Observation narrows our focus of understanding to an objective level. We watch. We absorb. We become.

Intention uses understanding and observation to create an energetic direction for our spiritual activity in the universe.

Energy is the battery of our alchemy. What we understand and observe creates the intention but without the capacity of being active, we cannot create change.

Action underlies all spiritual investigations. It comes last but is lasting. Without action, all other elements are sedentary and the different realms become stagnant.

Welcome to the alchemy of your own spiritual growth.

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